Routine Dental Exam and Cleaning: Teeth Cleaning in Naperville, IL

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Prevention is key to maintaining a healthy smile that lasts a lifetime. The foundation of good oral health starts with regular dental checkups and examinations. Ideally, it’s best to preserve teeth cleaning appointments twice a year, and most insurance plans cover the cost of these preventative visits.

If it is time to schedule a routine dental evaluation and cleanings for your family, we invite you to reach out to our team at Naperville Smiles Dental. We offer full-service solutions for patients of all ages.

Why Routine Checkups with a Dentist?

There are two purposes for visiting a dentist twice a year for a routine dental exam and cleaning. First, we check the overall status of your oral health and also put together a dental treatment plan if there are any current or potential concerns that need to be addressed.

Not only do our hygienists remove build-up and tartar on the teeth, but our dental team can also identify potential issues in the earliest stages. Early detection is the priority, helping you avoid more intensive dental services in the future.

Additionally, the examination is an excellent time for our dental team to offer patient education. We can assist in creating the ideal at-home habits that help you maintain a healthy smile that lasts for life.

Overview: What Happens During a Teeth Cleaning Appointment

What should you expect when you visit our office for a professional teeth cleaning appointment? Every routine checkup includes essential services and conversations to ensure that you receive the best care possible:

  • Oral Health Discussion: Our team will ask questions to identify any potential problems that might need to be addressed. Additionally, we want to hear about your goals for oral health and smile aesthetics.
  • Full Oral Examination: Next, we complete a thorough examination. During this time, digital x-rays are taken to get a closer look at the areas that are not visible on the surface. The dentist will also inspect all teeth and gums to look for signs of decay and gum disease.
  • Dental Cleaning: A hygienist uses specialized tooths to remove tartar and plaque that has built up on the surface of the teeth.
  • Treatment Plan: If any issues are identified, the dental team will discuss potential treatment options for future services.

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When was the last time you visited the dentist for a routine cleaning and examination? If it’s been longer than six months, then we invite you to reach out to book an appointment at Naperville Smiles Dental. We are here to help you maintain a beautiful, healthy smile!

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