Oral Cancer Cleaning in Naperville, IL

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When a patient receives cancer therapy, they often experience changes in their mouth. Chemotherapy and other medications affect cells throughout the body, including the gum tissues and teeth.

Sometimes, chemotherapy damages both cancer and normal cells, increasing the risk of infection and other problems. For example, the risk of dental decay and gum disease might go up, especially when there are pre-existing dental infections when a person starts chemotherapy.

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Schedule a Dental Checkup Before Chemo

If you know that you will be starting chemotherapy soon, then it’s best to schedule a dental checkup or an oral cancer screening right away. Our nearby dental team can identify potential sources of irritation or infection in the mouth and treat these issues to minimize complications during chemo.

When extractions are needed, it’s best to have the dental treatment a few weeks before starting chemo to give enough time for healing.

Additionally, the dentist might recommend personalized dental care to minimize the problems during chemo. For example, additional fluoride treatments can be helpful to strengthen the teeth during this time.

Frequent Oral Cancer Cleanings During Chemotherapy

When you are going through chemo, it’s recommended that you visit the dentist more frequently. Healthy patients should go twice a year for dental cleanings and examinations, but cancer patients often need a minimum of three visits each year.

These treatments help to minimize plaque and buildup that can harbor infection-causing bacteria. Additionally, treatments are available to help with mouth sores and ulcers, which are common during chemotherapy treatments.

Also, make sure to be more diligent about at-home oral health habits. For example, instead of brushing twice a day, it’s a good idea to brush three times a day during chemotherapy. In addition, choose a mild toothpaste to minimize mouth irritation and floss gently to remove any bacteria or buildup between the teeth.

Good oral health habits throughout chemo treatment can prevent infections and avoid bleeding issues.

Full-Service Dentistry Before, During, and After Cancer Treatments

Near you at Naperville Smiles Dental, we partner with you every step of the way, helping you maintain the healthiest smile possible throughout your cancer treatments. Our team will monitor your teeth and gums and offer recommendations as needed if any complications arise.

When you are finished with chemo, we will continue offering the ongoing dental care you need. Often, patients can return to their regular dental care routine at this point.

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