Smile Restoration with Dental Crowns in Naperville, IL

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Basic dental fillings aren’t enough when severe decay or damage has happened to a tooth. Dental crowns offer a great option for long-term teeth restoration if it’s necessary to remove a substantial part of the tooth. The goal is to improve the appearance of the tooth while also strengthening the remaining structure.

Near you at Naperville Smiles Dental, we offer quality restorative services and dental reconstruction, including dental crowns, bridges, and more. Our highest priority is to preserve your natural teeth when possible. Instead of suggesting tooth extraction, there might be an option to save the tooth with a dental crown.

If you need a tooth crown or any other dental services, then reach out to us at Naperville Smiles Dental to book an appointment. We are always here to help!

Do You Need a Tooth Crown?

In many situations, a dental crown, or a tooth crown, is the final option to save a tooth. Since such a large portion of the tooth must be removed, it’s necessary to fortify the tooth’s remaining structure. The placement of a crown over the tooth allows you to maintain your normal daily activities, including talking or eating.

At times you might need a front tooth crown, it’s also known as a dental cap, which is a tooth-shaped “cap” that covers a damaged or discolored front tooth, providing strength and improving the tooth’s appearance. Dentists use crowns to restore weak, broken, or decayed front teeth, and the cost can vary based on the overall procedure and the type of crown used.

If you think you might need a dental crown or any other type of restorative treatment, then it’s time to book a consultation with our nearby dentist at Naperville Smiles Dental. Here are common situations when we recommend crowns for teeth:

Every patient is unique, which is why the best solution is to schedule a consultation to talk to an experienced dentist. Our team at Naperville Smiles Dental is happy to help you choose the ideal services for your needs. Dental crowns can be a great solution to address your oral health goals and budget.

Long-Lasting Results from Dental Crowns

Often, insurance companies pay for a portion of the cost when a dental crown must be placed to save the tooth. But there are still out-of-pocket expenses for the patient when you do any teeth restoration. Remember that this investment is a dental restoration that can last for years.

In fact, a good dental crown will last for 10 – 15 years or even longer. Spend the money right now to restore your smile, and you will have optimal aesthetics and function in the future.

If you are looking for a long-term solution, or dental reconstruction, to restore a broken or damaged tooth, reach out to us at Naperville Smiles Dental to learn more about available treatments in your area. We are always here to help! Call us at: 630-369-8000.


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