Root Canals in Naperville, IL: Your Comfort is Our Priority

Endodontic root canal treatment process. Medically accurate tooth 3D illustration

When the topic of a root canal comes up, most people cringe because they think it’s going to be a long and uncomfortable experience in the dental chair. But the truth is that dental technology has come a long way in recent years, making root canals as simple and routine as a normal filling.

If you have a serious tooth infection and the dentist recommends a root canal filling, then rest assured knowing that your comfort is our highest priority. We use the best tools and technology to clean out the infected area of the tooth, then protect the remaining portion of the tooth, giving you long-lasting results.

For more information about root canal therapy in your area, reach out to our team at Naperville Smiles Dental. We offer all the general dentistry services you need to maintain a healthy and happy smile.

Why Root Canal Treatment is Necessary

When there is an infection deep within the tooth, a basic filling isn’t enough to remove the decay. The dentist needs to take out the pulp located within the tooth to prevent the infection from spreading. Many years ago, the only solution for this type of infection was tooth extraction. Now, we have modern dental practices that can remove the infection while leaving the tooth in place.

Keep in mind that prompt root canal treatment is essential to save the tooth. The longer you wait to have a root canal, the higher the risk that a severe infection will result in complications and potential tooth loss.

If you have a toothache, then it could be caused by a deep infection. Schedule an appointment with our team near you so we can take a look at the tooth and determine whether a root canal is necessary.

How Root Canal Therapy Works

When a patient requires endodontic therapy such as root canal treatment, seeking a dentist that does root canals is essential.  A general dentist who may also be a specialist in root canals, is trained in performing root canal fillings. The dentists that specialize in root canals, focus on the health of the inside of the tooth, making them the ideal choice for individuals in need of root canal therapy. By consulting with our nearby dental team, patients can benefit from expert diagnosis and treatment of various endodontic issues, ensuring the preservation of their natural teeth and overall dental health.

Root canals involve multiple steps to remove the infection and protect the remaining structure of the tooth. First, the dentist drills into the tooth to reach the infected area, and cleans out the pulp in the middle of the tooth.

Now that the infected tissue is removed, it leaves an empty inner core. The dentist will seal the inside of the tooth, then fill in the space with strong materials to provide long-term durability. Finally, it’s common to place a crown on top of the tooth to restore the appearance and function.

Because of modern treatments and technology, there is no reason to feel anxious or stressed if root canal therapy is necessary. It’s as easy as getting a basic filling.

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